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This next-generation, online-only consumer market research service from SRDS and Nielsen delivers sophisticated demographic, segmentation, and targeting data for media planners and consumer marketers.

Single-user solutions start as low as $761.
(plus applicable tax)

Multi-user and IP-authenticated solutions are available:
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Quickly learn about new markets—data are available for all 210 DMAs and 3,000+ U.S. counties

Better understand target audiences, their behaviors, and lifestyles—view data on over 200 Experian Simmons lifestyles and industry-standard Nielsen PRIZM segments

Access detailed reports and maps—interactive maps give you a new perspective on your target markets

Updated throughout the year as new data become available.

Four Powerful Research Modules

Market Profile Reports—explore by market, gaining insight into the demographic makeup and high-indexing behaviors of individual DMAs or counties.

Demographics Reports—explore by demographic variable, gaining market-by-market insight into where to find your key audiences.

Lifestyle Analysis Reports—explore by lifestyle behavior, gaining insight into related behaviors, cross-sell/synergy opportunities, and market potential.

PRIZM Reports—explore using industry-standard PRIZM groupings, gaining unique insight into the household makeup and lifestyle traits of your target audiences.

  Local Market Audience Analyst requires Microsoft Windows running Internet Explorer 5, Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8.
• Macintosh OS, as well as Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers are currently not supported.
Please click here to be notified when additional browser support becomes available.

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