Direct Marketing

Streamline the List Research Process with SRDS

This print and online service provides complete list rental information. The proprietary database contains sources, selects, costs and other valuable information that help you refine your list strategy for your direct marketing campaigns. Access to the most current, accurate list data from SRDS makes your direct marketing plans effective.

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Trust SRDS List Data for Your Plans
Feel confident that you're considering the most current, complete information about all available options.
Over 70,000 comprehensive datacards — Identify ideal domestic and international list rental opportunities from 230 convenient business and consumer market classifications
Over 1,300 insert media opportunities
Online database updated daily — Uncover new lists as they come to market and track changes

Target Effectively Through Convenient Searches
Flexible searches allow you to uncover all viable effective options. Search easily by:
Keyword — Category search by keyword or phrase across business, consumer or insert media
Featured Lists — Identify managers' top-performing lists
Also Recommended — Discover new lists that match search criteria
Market Classification — Review lists in a given market alphabetically or by relevant keywords
Broker/Manager/Owner/Compiler Search — Find various types of list-industry players
List Title — Access specific lists right away
High-Ticket Buyers — Examine lists that contain names of 50+ mail order buyers
E-Mail Lists — Leverage one-to-one marketing via e-mail lists
New Listings and List Management Changes — Locate the latest opportunities available to reach new audiences with this quick search
Enhanced Lists — Find lists overlaid with demographics or lifestyles to connect to specific market segments

Search results can be scanned quickly for top-line evaluation or viewed in detail.

Access List Professionals Instantly
Find the information you need all in one place with direct links, so you don't have to wait.
Convenient links to Web sites — Connect instantly to list manager sites to obtain additional data
Brokers, Managers and Compilers — Quickly locate list professionals, including name, contact information and e-mail hotlinks, for additional options

Develop and Add Impact to Your Plans Quickly
Reduce time spent compiling data.
Copy and paste data and logos into your files — Compile information to refine and select your list strategy simply

Today's New Lists - Identify New Opportunities
• Daily HTML e-mail service highlighting an average of 30 new list rental opportunities each day
• Included with your subscription at no charge

• List descriptions, universe, contact information and key management changes

Powerful, Advanced Tools for List Brokers

Click here to see SRDS DirectNet™. SRDS DirectNet is a powerful online service enabling list brokers to perform complex evaluations of list evaluations and make list recommendations quickly and easily.

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