Welcome to the SRDS Listing Access Service (SLAS)™
For List Managers and List Owners listed
in the Direct Marketing List Source™ and in SRDS DirectNet™

You can now view all of your managed or owned lists online through the SRDS Listing Access Service. Enter your login and password and click on "Login and View Your Lists" to see all of your lists. The database is updated nightly, so you may view your updated lists the day after SRDS makes changes. It's a good idea to send changes to SRDS as soon as you make them to take advantage of our online services for list brokers. Don't miss an opportunity to promote your list properties in a timely way and for no cost using SLAS...

Don't have a login or password? Click here.

The SLAS will display all of the lists that you own or manage. Within the SLAS you can...

View individual lists -- Tag several lists for viewing -- Search by list title

When any of your listings need updating, simply fax the datacard to SRDS at (847)375-5009 or email to kleee@srds.com. We'll analyze and update your listing for you. If your listing is current and correct, simply check the "OK" box, print your "list of lists" and fax them to SRDS at the number above.

Questions? E-mail K.J. Lee at kleee@srds.com.

Click here for a detailed SLAS Service Guide in PDF format. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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